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Hopatcong 2020 Graduating Class – Parents provide Parade, Walk of Fame, Class Photo – Big Surprise to Seniors

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Parents of the Graduating Class of 2020 organized a big send-off today as they utilized Modick Park as the finish to the Parade, and provided a surprise “walk of fame” for the students, a group class photo and the honorary Hats-In-Air to ensure their graduation is special, even under current circumstances.

Last night the Hopatcong Class of 2020 officially graduated and received their respective diploma. The professionally designed Drive-In event was live streamed and featured great work from the School and Production department (Arrow TV), despite the rain.

Saturday June 20, 2020, people came from all over town regardless of age to wave at the parade passing Modick Park, only to find that the Parents with the assistance of Windy Sutton help set-up a real Graduation to remember.

On-hand to assist in this ceremony was Mr. Zimmerman (Band Director), who pledged in March, “We will be making music together soon,” Brought together the best of the best from the school to play the students through the procession.

Here are is the Coverage and Video from the Event:

Rather than wasting words in trying to cover the event, the following is the full coverage of the event which is freely available without restrictions to Parents, Students, and other media firms without any copyright restrictions.

Video Coverage of the Event:

 Video Cover Parade

Coverage of the Parade reaching Modick Park where the Parents has arranged a big surprise!

 Video Cover Walk 1 Parents set-up the Walk of Fame for students early in the morning, this video provides coverage of the Graduating Class walking the Fall of Fame for 2020
 Video Cover Walk 2 1 Same as above with Close-up Coverage of the Graduating Class walking the Fall of Fame for 2020      
 Video Cover Hats The final Hats-Off for the Class of 2020


Photo Coverage of the Event:


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