First Lady Calls Hopatcong Teacher for Teacher Appreciation Day

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Is This a JokeThe hectic morning was interrupted as a call came in from a Deputy Director of Communications at the White House, who indicated that Dr. Danielle Kovach’s name has been referred by the US Department of Education, and could she be available for a call with the White House?   “Is this a joke?  –  “Yeah, I get that a lot.” Is how the call continued as the appointment was set for later that morning.

Dr. Danielle Kovach was still unsure who was calling from the White House as the second call came in from First Lady Melania Trump, as she was checking in with a few select teachers across the nation for Teacher Appreciation Day.

First Lady Call Movie CoverDuring the call, the First Lady expressed her thanks for everything teachers like Dr. Danielle Kovach do for the students, she also asked several questions regarding how the new normal for education is working in key areas during this period.

Dr. Danielle Kovach, assured the First Lady, “All teachers are doing their absolute best to make it work for the students, making sure their needs are being met both socially and academically…  We have become an extended family… communications has been key.”

The First Lady concluded the call, asking Dr. Danielle Kovach and her family to please be safe, and offered a special thanks to her husband who is working EMS on the front lines.

After the call, Dr. Danielle Kovach felt special for the recognition received, and knew that she could now reach out to the other teachers within the District and the Nation, and communicate the recognition and the level of appreciation in the work that is being done in the schools.

“This speaks volumes for the work that teachers are doing, not only in a time of crisis, but they put their hearts and souls in their work and the students every day.” Stated Dr. Danielle Kovach. “To be sharing this message with everyone is a great honor for me.”

It’s not about me, it’s about all Teachers…” Stated Dr. Danielle Kovach. My message for the teachers across the Nation… “Keep doing the work your doing, this is a challenging time, but if anyone can make it work, teachers can.”

White House Statement:

First Lady Call In1In recognition of National Teacher Day and Teacher Appreciation Week, First Lady Melania Trump held a series of telephone calls with teachers and educators from across America. Mrs. Trump spoke with elementary, middle, and high school educators, both public and private. During the calls, the First Lady expressed her heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for all that educators are doing for students during these unprecedented times.

“The determination that educators everywhere are showing in order to support their students during these challenging times is truly remarkable and continues to inspire me,” said First Lady Melania Trump. “The coronavirus pandemic has shown the importance for all of us to come together to try new and innovative ways to provide the world’s best education for each and every one of our great students. Thank you to our amazing teachers and Happy National Teacher Day.”

More about Dr. Danielle Kovach:

  • Oval OfficeBS. in Special Education and Elementary Education from Kutztown University
  • Master’s Degree in Special Education from East Stroudsburg University
  • Second Master’s Degree in Educational Technology from New Jersey City University
  • Doctoral on Special Education from Waldron University
  • Nine Years ago, met with President Obama in the Oval Office on Special Education.
  • Currently, Special education teacher at Hopatcong for 23 years, Adjunct Professor at Centenary University. Serves on the Board of Directors for Council for Exceptional Children.
  • New Jersey Teacher of the Year 2010 – 2011
  • Clarissa Hug Teacher of the Year Recipient 2014

Unfazed by the long list of awards and grants that have acknowledged her talents and commitment over the years, Dr. Danielle Kovach stays focused on “what counts in my life ... my family at home and my family in school.”


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