Hopatcong Borough Council Meeting – [12/04/2019] – Recap and Video Coverage

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The following is a recap and full video coverage of the Borough of Hopatcong Council Meeting that was held on December 4, 2019. You can also watch the full video of the meeting.

During the meeting, Mayor Francis recognized the following two groups and made an appointment to Sustainable New Jersey:

  • Proclamation for Hopatcong Chiefs Marching Band (Play Video). December 5, 2019, as Hopatcong Chiefs Marching Band Day in the Borough of Hopatcong.
  • Proclamation for Hopatcong Woman’s Club (Play Video). December 6, 2019, as Hopatcong Woman’s Club Day in the Borough of Hopatcong.
  • Appointment of Jule Girman from the Hopatcong Environmental Commission to the Sustainable New Jersey position (Play Video)

Committee Reports:

BCM 12 04 2019 Movie 4During the December 4, 2019 meeting of the Hopatcong Borough Council, the council members provided their individual committee reports on a variety of topics concerning the Borough of Hopatcong.

Wellness Center:

  • The Giving Tree has been very busy, there is still time to participate
  • The Dangers of Vaping was well attended and received, another session will happen in January
  • Soles for Soles and the Coat Drive are still ongoing

Senior Center:

  • The Senior Christmas Luncheon will be held December 19, 2019, and is already filled with 185 people

Department of Public Works (DPW):

  • The streetlights that are out on Lakeside Blvd. will be replaced as soon as the new units are received, as Hopatcong is switching over to LED lights to save money and for the green aspect
  • Recognition for the DPW on the great job they did during the last snowstorm

Open Space:

  • During their last meeting, they discussed possible future plans like Forest Management and a Dog Park. No official actions have been taken yet

Environmental Commission:

  • State-funded Free trees may be back in 2020
  • The Beatification sub-committee did a great job on the decoration of the Borough Building
  • Recognized for Bronze Award

Hopatcong Drama Club:

  • Recognized for putting on a great play called a Coney Island Christmas, next year they will produce another musical and drama

Municipal Alliance:

  • Girls on the Run and Hero Boys will be back in 2020
  • Another Cyber Security session is being considered
  • Considering bringing back the Safe House list of homes that are alcohol and drug-free for parents reference

Scott Wallace District Fire Warden provided a presentation to the council

Chamber of Commerce

  • Multiple meetings and activities are coming up December into January


  • Basketball has started their practices, Street Hockey fee approved, next movie is Toy Story 4

Public Comments:

BCM 12 04 2019 Movie 5During the December 4, 2019 meeting of the Hopatcong Borough Council both the residents and the Ignorance Is No Excuse group provided Public Comment to the council.

  • A resident is seeking assistance with neighbors bright LED lights that shine directly into the home
    • The Mayor / Council will do a drive-by, with the possibility of taking a look into the ordnances in this area
  • Multiple people that use Medical Marijuana provided insight into the benefits they receive as part of the Ignorance Is No Excuse group
  • Clarification was requested on agenda (i)
    • This is the redevelopment of Hudson Maxim School
  • Question on Mariner's Pointe Bonds and timing
  • Question if the Animal Shelter heat has been restored


The following Resolutions all passed

  1. R2019-183, Outside Lien Redemption, Block 10201, Lot 11 and Block 40208 Lot 19
  2. R2019-184, Outside Lien Redemption Block 70218 Lot 39
  3. R2019-185, Outside Lien Redemption Block 40108 Lot 10
  4. R2019-186, Outside Lien Redemption Block 30216 Lot 41
  5. R2019-187, Tax overpayment refund Block 30612 Lot 3
  6. R2019-188, Outside Lien Redemption Block 11109 Lot 8
  7. R2019-189, Release of performance bond for Atkins Hopatcong LLC
  8. R2019-190, Municipal Alliance Grant for 2021
  9. R2019-191, Directing the Land Use Board to conduct an investigation for Block 20612 Lot 1 as a non-condemnation area in need of redevelopment

Mayor’s Comment:

Mayor Francis provided comments on the recent Governor’s visit and what it means to Lake Hopatcong in the battle against the HABs. (Play Video)


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