Hopatcong Mayor educates Senators on local Economic Damages from HABs

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Mayor Senator Boat Trip MovieDuring the fact-finding visit by Senators Sweeney, Pennachio, and Oroho to the Lake Hopatcong area. Mayor Michael Francis pointed out the Crescent Cove area, and briefly outlined his proposed project for this area that is in the early stage of review in Trenton.

The Mayor further covered the economic damage the Harmful Algae Blooms (HABs) have had on the businesses and the real estate in the area.

The Mayor’s overview if the local issues brought an immediate response from Senate President Steve Sweeney who stated:

“I’ve learned we have a problem. First, we need to fix the run-off that’s the fuel that feeding this problem. I’m not a scientist; I’m an Ironworker; I ask smart people to do this stuff.

State Funds are needed to keep this area alive and vibrant because it generates tourism and revenue. You have to spend money to make money. But spending money without knowing the real problem, you’re just treating the symptom without solving the problem."

Review of proposed Crescent Cove Project

This project initiated by Hopatcong Mayor Michael Francis, who traveled to Trenton on September 3, 2019, to seek acceptance on his proposals for Short Term, Mid Term, and Long Term solutions for Lake Hopatcong.

Part of the short-term solution includes starting a Pilot Plan to reinvigorate Crescent Cove on Lake Hopatcong. Crescent Cove was targeted for the pilot project, as it’s one of the worst locations affected by the Harmful Algae Blooms (HAB). If the pilot project is successful, it could be used as a model for the other areas of the lake. Additional plans include adding 50 homes from Hudson Ave. to the sewers.

The proposed treatment for Crescent Cove can be best described as In-Lake Nutrient Management, where according to Mayor Michael Francis, “we fight the bad algae with good algae.”

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