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Hopatcong Mayor headed to Trenton with Pilot Plan for Lake Hopatcong

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Hopatcong Mayor Michael Francis will be in Trenton on September 3, 2019 to seek acceptance on his proposals for Short Term, Mid Term and Long Term solutions for Lake Hopatcong.

Mayor Mike Trenton MoviePart of the short-term solution includes starting a Pilot Plan to reinvigorate Crescent Cove on Lake Hopatcong. Crescent Cove was targeted for the pilot project, as it’s one of the worst locations affected by the Harmful Algae Blooms (HAB). If the pilot project is successful it could be used as a model for the other areas of the lake. Additional plans include adding 50 homes from Hudson Ave. to the sewers.

The proposed treatment for Crescent Cove can be best described as In-Lake Nutrient Management, where according to Mayor Michael Francis, “we fight the bad algae with good algae.”

From the attached proposal on In-Lake Nutrient Management

John Tucci, President, EverBlue Lakes: “Our process treats the water versus killing algae and sending it to the bottom where it becomes fuel for the next cycle of growth. In addition, our process has been shown to be effective at reducing the toxins produced by blue-green algae in lakes under bloom conditions.

While our process has been proven effective on multiple large lakes including lakes in much worse condition with much higher phosphorus levels than Lake Hopatcong, we are not suggesting that it is a substitute for a comprehensive, long-term watershed management program. Rather, we have found that our all-natural in-lake treatment is best deployed in conjunction with on-going watershed management best practices.

Even the most effective watershed management programs take years to implement and even longer to deliver enough benefit to substantially reduce the likelihood of harmful algal blooms on at risk lakes. Our approach is designed to rapidly redirect and reduce the in-lake nutrient load that is feeding the bloom conditions.”

Four Mayors Working Together:


Additionally, Mayor Michael Francis indicated that the four mayors from around Lake Hopatcong have been meeting together to draft a unified approach to addressing the lake issues. That could include areas like watershed management, State and Federal grants and shared equipment to clean storm drains.

Every Mayor is working very hard along with the Lake Hopatcong Foundation and the Lake Hopatcong Commission to solve these issues as fast as possible.

Proposed Approach for Crescent Cove from EverBlue Lakes

EverBlue Lakes is the clear leader in large lake aeration systems and technology. However, time and budget are limited, and we recognize that the real purpose of the Crescent Cove project is short-term relief and proof of concept.

Preparing and installing a properly designed lake-bottom aeration system in Crescent Cove would likely take several weeks in the best-case scenario. We are proposing a treatment process that could start as early as the week of August 5. This approach will not require the installation of an aeration system, however, for the best long-term results, we would likely recommend aeration for this area of the lake.

For the immediate proof of concept project we have developed a creative approach delivering improvement in Crescent Cove without the need to install a lake-bottom aeration system in the Crescent Cove area.

Our Process will Consist of the Following Elements

  1. The use of a slow release Hydrogen Peroxide Formulation called PureOxy to raise dissolved oxygen levels in Crescent Cove to support our BioBlast Biological Treatment Process. While this formulation is an oxidizer, it is not designed to “bum” or kill algae directly. By combining Hydrogen Peroxide with glycolic acid, our formulator has developed a short-term chemical “aeration system” safe for use in open water lakes and ponds. A Product Fact Sheet and MSDS documentation is provided with this proposal. At a volume of approximately 300-acre feet in Crescent Cove it will only take 110 gallons of PureOxy to accomplish the objective of ensuring sufficient oxygen to support the BioBlast Process.
  2. We would request that the Mayor’s Office put out a communication asking any and all residents in the Crescent Cove and upper River Styx area to activate any shoreline circulators, de-icers or aerators to further support the aeration and circulation of the water in the Crescent Cove area.
  3. A Four-Day BioBlast Biological Treatment that will deliver a minimum of 60,000 gallons of treatment into the Crescent Cove area. This treatment is designed to break the cycle of blue-green algae blooms by out-competing the algae for nutrients in the water column. While the treatment will impact phosphorus, it will more immediately and substantially limit nitrogen and organic carbon which are also critical factors in driving harmful algal blooms.

Expected Results

We expect this proof of concept treatment to deliver the following results:

  • Clearing of visible blue-green algae scums at the surface within 5- 7 days.
  • Reduction of cell counts to below the standard of 20,000 cells per ml within 5-10 days.
  • Reduction of cyanotoxins to below threshold levels.

Associated Risks

  • There is virtually no risk of damage to the eco-system, fish, people, pets or wildlife with this process. The products deployed are safe and effective. EverBlue Lakes is fully insured and carries Pollution Control Coverage in addition to our General Liability Coverage. We have never had a claim under either policy for damage to a waterway or any other claim of liability against EverBlue Lakes or our registered “S” Corporation Lake Savers, LLC.
  • We are confident that we will deliver the expected results, but we cannot offer a 100% guarantee. The main variable is the influence of the flow of water and algae into the treatment area from the rest of the lake. We believe that our plan compensates for this variable, but we cannot be 100% sure.
  • We cannot predict how long the treatment impact will last. However, we would anticipate the benefits to last several weeks at minimum depending upon the rate of influx of new water/algae from outside the treatment area.

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