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Hopatcong Releases Road Paving for the Summer of 2019 (Thanks to Councilman Ryan Smith)

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In an unusual way to release Hopatcong Borough road repaving information. The following was posted in social media by the Republican Committee and Councilman Ryan Smith.

Regardless, of how the information was released, the following gives the community an update on one of our most important subjects of Hopatcong – Road Improvements.

Hello Everyone, as we enter the summer months there will be much activity on our Hopatcong Borough streets.

I would like to announce the list of roads that are scheduled to be resurfaced in the 2019:

  • Hopatcong Street
  • Alexandria Avenue
  • Isabelle Avenue
  • Marne Road
  • Bucknell Road
  • Lakeside Boulevard (old section)
  • Pickerel Point Drive
  • Oakwood Lane

These roads are funded out of the budget for the Borough DPW.

The following is a list of roads to be milled out prior to paving:

  • Marne Road
  • Bucknell Road
  • Lakeside Boulevard (old section)
  • Pickerel Point Drive
  • Oakwood Lane

The Council and I have started an aggressive paving initiative with additional funding approved. This year is the most money the Borough has spent on resurfacing in its history. We plan to continue this policy until all streets in Hopatcong have been addressed.

In addition to the above, the following streets are being paid for by NJDOT grant monies:

• River Styx Streetscaping Beautification (includes new streetlighting, curbing, and some sideway improvements)
• Durban Avenue (from Durban Avenue School to Flora Avenue)
• Flora Avenue (from Durban to Frances)
• Francis Avenue (from Flora to Brooklyn Stanhope Road)
• Canfield Street
• Charles Street

It is a challenge to our town to improve the infrastructure while maintaining a conservative spending policy. We will do everything in our power to continue to make Hopatcong an affordable place to live.

Very truly yours,
Mayor Michael Francis

PS. For 2019 there were 356 areas in need of hot patch, and as of 6/13/19, 225 completed and 131 left to go.

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