Hopatcong School Superintendent cooks Breakfast for Teachers and Students Volunteers at Block Party

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Hopatcong Superintendent, Mr. DiBenedetto, was at the Hopatcong State Park bright and early making breakfast for the Hopatcong students that volunteered at the event.

On Saturday, May 11, 2019 the Lake Hopatcong Foundation hosted a Block Party at Lake Hopatcong State Park. Hopatcong student volunteers played many important roles throughout the day to help the day run smoothly!

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Some of our band members, led by Kurt Zimmermann, performed under the sun with the lake as their backdrop. A special and important thanks to Mrs. Hill for her involvement at the Block Party and for capturing these great pictures.

Everyone involved with the annual Block Party was thrilled when, after many years of rain on the day of the event, sunshine was finally in the forecast.

Thank you to all of the Hopatcong students who helped make this a very special and unforgettable event!

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