Long Time Local Resident Mara Modes to Run for Hopatcong Mayor

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4/1/2019, Hopatcong, NJ -- Local resident and activist Mara Modes submitted her petition today to run for Hopatcong Mayor as a Democrat. “Our town deserves leaders who will finally make our government work for regular people, not well-connected insiders” said Modes, who has lived in town for 40 years and raised two children, who both attended Hopatcong Borough Schools.

Modes’s campaign will focus on:

  1. Sstopping government handouts to well-connected insiders, bringing honesty and transparency to the budget, and tackling residents’ concerns about the environment. “For years, your government has been hiring the friends and family of councilmembers to important jobs, giving tax breaks to members of their clique, and ignoring our environment. This means higher property taxes and a lower quality of life for you and your family.” said Modes
  2. “I will lower taxes and promote profitable growth. My diverse background and open-minded approach allows me to implement “out of the box” solutions that will promote responsible, suitable development without eminent domain, or shifting the burden of tax abatements to the taxpayers.
  3. When elected I will focus on lowering taxes by bringing honesty and transparency to the budget and tackling residents’ concerns about impact of concentrated development on our water resources and fairly assessing sewer fees.”

The primary election will take place on June 4th.

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