Heather Fiore & Jennifer Johnson Running for Hopatcong Brough Council

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If you are seeking non-career Politicians that believe in Transparency, Becoming Debt Free and better Communication, Heather Fiore & Jennifer Johnson will be your best vote for Hopatcong Brough Council.

Q: Briefly Describe your professional background

Heather Fiore

I’ve been a Residential property manager for ten years and oversee roughly 6,500 homes in either condo and homeowner associations. This career has given me the ability to understand financial and property aspects and the structure of a large case load.

I believe these are the traits I would bring to the Hopatcong Borough Council.

Jennifer Johnson

I’ve been a mental health therapist for the last 19 years, I have a Master’s degree in Counseling and have been an ACS, supervising other therapists, for the past eight years. My primary work is with high-risk adolescent girls. During the day, I am a utilization reviewer obtaining insurance authorization for about 400 patients, which requires me to be highly organized and extremely detailed oriented. I have the ability to be objective, look for fairness, and try to see things through some else’s eyes.

I believe these are the traits I would bring to the Hopatcong Borough Council.


Q: Briefly describe your family

Heather Fiore

I’m a single mother of a three-year-old boy that will be entering sports and the Hopatcong school system very soon.

Jennifer Johnson

I have been married for 13 years, with two boys currently in the Hopatcong schools. My kids are currently very active in Cub Scouts, Soccer, Wrestling and baseball. I have to say I’m very happy with the Hopatcong schools.


Q: What made you run for a Hopatcong Board Council Position?

Heather and Jennifer only met as they started the investigation of the Sewer costs. Between the frustration of being told that these items are legacy questions that no one knows and the lack of desire to investigate, it has left us with a desire to get involved and show people what invested and involved council members are able to accomplish.

We believe that they are spending more time in redeveloping the town and bringing new people into the town, rather than focusing on what the current residents need like road paving, property maintenance, budget awareness to name just a few.

Another case is the amount of debt that the town is in. The town has taken out bonds throughout various departments and they keep refunding and deferring these bonds, leading to the tax payers spending substantially more than the projects cost. We want to move Hopatcong towards being debt free, without financially draining the homeowners and planning for the financial health of the community with its future needs.

This is a great town, we just want to make it better! We want to make this a town that everyone wants to live in by making good programs better and making the budget work to the best of its abilities without drowning the residents in continued debt!

Q: Once Elected what are the three most important things you would like to change.

Transparency – Like the live streaming of all meeting for the general public and posting all important information on the websites for everyone to review

Becoming Debt Free – So we stop wasting our hard-earned dollars on interest

Communication - Needs to be improved upon, what’s going and why. If a project is not going to happen, the residents need solid answers on why the project cannot proceed.


Q: Once elected what are the three biggest challenges you will face?

  1. Getting the tax payers to start voicing their opinions, since in the past they felt that their voices didn’t matter or were not heard. We need the residents to freely approach the Council members with their opinions, suggestions and questions.
  2. The second is getting the board to listen to the public and take their point into consideration with the decisions that need to be made that are best for the town and its current residents.
  3. Getting current council to agree to stop taking on additional debt and planning for ways to fund projects that don’t cost tax payers extra money in the long run.


Q: Why should I vote for you in the upcoming primaries?

We believe that people should vote for us because we are not career politicians, but rather we are just the same as the residents of Hopatcong, we do represent them, and we share their views. We are working-class parents. We are listening and passing information along to the other residents in open communication. We are approachable and driven to do things that Hopatcong residents want and need. We really have the best interest of the town at heart.




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