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Mrs. Tumminelli's Third Graders Learn How to "Taste Books"

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This week, Mrs. Tumminelli's third graders at Tulsa Trail Elementary school got to "taste" different genres of books.

The students participated in a Book Tasting designed to allow them to preview several different types of books, in order to learn about the styles, the different series that were available in that genre, and whether or not they may enjoy reading them further. 

Taste Books OverheadMrs. Tumminelli transformed the Tulsa Trail Library into a mini cafe, with each table being set up for a different genre, to include Biography, Mystery, Humor, Science Fiction, Nonfiction, and Fantasy. 

The students had a variety of books to choose from at each table, and as they rotated, they noted the genre, the title, the cover details, and then read a few pages.  They had a "menu", on which they recorded their thoughts about how the author hooked them, what they thought after their short read, and if they would want to continue reading the book or not.

Students also rated each book.  After completing each genre's book, they were treated to a snack that was related to the genre, such as Star Wars Cheez-Its for science fiction, animal crackers for nonfiction, and Lucky Charms cereal for fantasy. 

The students really enjoyed this relaxed, fun way to be learn about books and find new titles that they might want to read throughout the year!

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