Top Ranked National Competitive Eater Fails the SABRETTI’S TOP DOG EATING CHALLENGE

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Patrick Bertoletti, an expert competitive eater traveled all the way from Chicago to take the SABRETTI’S TOP DOG EATING CHALLENGE.

Patrick BertolettiDuring this contest, Patrick needed to eat all 30 Jumbo Specialty Dogs within fifteen minutes, which included eating the bun, the 2.7 ounce jumbo spicy beef hot dog and all the toppings each dog comes with. If Patrick was successful, he would of won $2,000 and be the first to gain this title, as the only other contender that came close topped out at 24 jumbo specialty dogs.

Looking at Patrick’s past performance in this competitive sport seemed to indicate that this challenge was well within this grasp, as he holds 30 different World Records, and achieved the following feats in his competitive eating history.

  • Set the Guinness World Record in eating Deep Dish Pizza
  • Finished 444 wings in 26 minutes to win the 2015 Wing Bowl
  • Finished 2nd Place in Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest by eating 55 hot dogs in ten minutes
  • Finished 47 pizza slices in 10 minutes
  • Finished 47 glazed and cream-filled doughnuts in 5 minutes

So, while betting wasn’t allowed, all of the money seemed to be on Patrick easily finishing the 30 Jumbo Specialty Dogs and taking home the $2,000.

The Results:

Patrick started out strong by finishing his first three hot dogs in just a minute, but as the time progressed the dogs with all of the toppings started to take a toll on his performance. With just two minutes to go, Patrick had finished 22 hot dogs, and it was apparent he was not going to finish all 30 hot dogs.

As time was up, Patrick had managed to finish only two additional hot dogs, which means that he tied the other top contender at 24 total jumbo specialty hot dogs consumed. While Patrick didn’t take home the $2,000 prize, his picture will go on the honor wall since he tied the other top contender.

SABRETTI’S Raises the Stakes:

“It’s important for Sabretti’s to attract the top contenders in this Competitive Eating field, as we really want to see someone win this competition. So, we are raising the stakes to any new challenger, if you win, you receive $5000 CASH + Air & Hotel” stated Rohan H. Shetty, Owner of Sabretti’s Hot Dogs & Wild Game Sausages.

If you are interested in Sabretti’s Top Dog Eating Challenge, you can contact Sabretti’s at (973) 810 2557 during business hours and leave your contact information with his staff or email him at

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