Hopatcong Middle School - Call It Out Day!

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On Thursday, April 26th, Hopatcong Middle School celebrated National “Call It Out” Day, a campaign and in-school event designed to encourage and foster healthy relationships online.

Created by the organization, Beyond Differences, “Call It Out” is a positive prevention program used to support students as they learn to be authentic and compassionate online.

HMS participated in the event during all lunch periods as they took the pledge to end social isolation online through expression of what they personally will do to contribute to the cause.

Students pledged to “report comments and pictures that a

re inappropriate or unkind” and “think before I post” which demonstrated their understanding and willingness to be leaders online. Students displayed their pledges on a “Call It Out” Day poster and enjoyed reading each other’s ideas. One of the goals of “Call It Out” Day is to change the culture of middle school to one of acceptance and inclusion not only online but in school as well and our students showed great promise in achieving that goal.

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