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Tulsa Trail School uses Bows and Arrows - STEM is Sweet!

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For a Valentine’s Day exercise Mrs. Bauer’s second grade undertook a creative STEM program that was constructed of Cupid Style Bows and Arrows.

At Tulsa Trail School, students in Mrs. Bauer’s second-grade class participated in a STEM activity in celebration of Valentine’s Day. Mrs. Bauer worked with fellow teacher Kathy Brennan with the hope that students would “fall in love” with math and science. Mrs. Bauer began the activity by going over the meaning and famous symbols of Valentine’s Day, including Cupid and his bow and arrow.

Students were then challenged with the task of stringing their own craft stick “bow” using materials such as dental floss and string. Once bows were constructed, students began to use their bow to see how far they could project their cotton swab “arrows.”

Students checked the success of their design by measuring how far their arrow traveled. After students had the opportunity to test their bow and arrow, the class reviewed the data by creating a bar graph.

Through the graph, students discovered that one of the arrows traveled as far as 10 ½ feet! Once the activity concluded, students discussed the variables that could have affected the length that the arrows traveled, including bow structure, type of string, and the amount of force when drawing back the bow.

Based on student success, it looks like Cupid has some competition!

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