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100 Days of Learning… 100+ Ways of Helping!

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It’s that time of year again! The children at Hudson Maxim celebrated 100 days of learning on February 16th, their 100th Day of School!

First grade teacher, Doreen Sciabica and School Counselor, Lisa Schuffenhauer, again worked with Coupons for the Community to coordinate a donation of items needed by local food pantries.

!00 Days GiftsSince February is also Dental Health Month, Kindergarten students were encouraged to bring toothbrushes and first graders were responsible for toothpaste. Our pre-school students donated dental floss.

The other Hopatcong Schools also participated by collecting soap, hair care products, toilet paper, and tissues with help from the School Counselors. After singing their traditional 100th Day of School song and reading a poem for the 100th Day, the students helped Mrs. Sciabica and Mrs. Gambuzza count the donations using their skills in counting by twos, fives, and tens.

The results were, as always, wonderful! Three hundred seventy-one items were collected for those in need in Sussex County! As with our recent Souper Bowl, the children and parents of Hudson Maxim are exceedingly generous. Thank you!

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