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Friends start GoFundMe Page for Nicolas to help pay medical bills

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On July 3, Nicolas T. was visiting the Crescent Cove Beach club where he was spending the day with his family and friends celebrating the long holiday weekend.

Until complete tragedy struck, Nicholas went missing. He had last been seen by the water at that time everyone was called out of the water, it was then that his body that was recovered by a volunteer fireman who immediately rushed him to shore for CPR and was then Medevacd to Morristown Memorial Hospital where he was placed in a medically induced coma.

After only four days Nicholas made an astonishing recovery and was capable of breathing on his own. He was also released from the hospital yesterday, but will continue to need physical therapy to make a full recovery! Please help us support this family and the true miracle that was brought to us!!!

God bless you Nicholas!

GoFundMe started by Andrea Polke-Rodriguez

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