Hopatcong Environmental Commission – Audubon Guided Bird Walk (May 8th)

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The Hopatcong Environmental Commission is hosting a guided Bird Walk next Saturday in Roland Eves Mountain Inlet Sanctuary.  This is along the scenic Lake Hopatcong Trails and is something you don’t want to miss.

NOTE: Due to weather conditions the date has been moved to May 8, 2020 at the same time.


Mike Anderson, the Sanctuary Director of the NJ Audubon Society will be guiding the walk to point out the nesting and migrating birds and other important sights that may be normally overlooked. He is known throughout New Jersey for his leadership and participation in many environmental causes and events.

Event Information:

thumbnail Audubon Guided Bird WalkDate: May 8, 2022

Time: The walk starts at 9:00 AM and is scheduled to finish at 12:00 PM

Location: Eves Mountain Inlet Sanctuary (assemble at mountain inlet parking lot)

401 Lakeside Ave. Hopatcong NJ 07843

(Plus Code X9C6+J49 on Google Maps)

Registration: Space limited to 25 people (Call 973-770-0461 to reserve your spot)

Help support the Hopatcong Environmental Commission and learn along the way with this very enjoyable guided walk in your hometown area. Open to residents around the Lake Hopatcong area.

More About Roland May Eves Mountain Inlet Sanctuary:

Hiking from Roland May Eves Mountain Inlet Sanctuary is the perfect location. It is one of 13 trails spurs that connects to the main Lake Hopatcong Trail.

Roland May Eves Sign webNestled on the west shore of Henderson Bay in the Borough of Hopatcong, this peaceful location, with its convenient parking lot, is the perfect spot to do some bird watching, to fish, or to watch the aquatic animals, and of course, to hike.

To access the LHT spur, from the parking lot at 401 Lakeside Ave, Andover, cross the road and head to the right. Look for the Lake Hopatcong Trail access sign, which follows a dirt road known as Isabell Avenue. This short walk to the trailhead is private property, so as the sign says, please be respectful.

At the trailhead, there will be three different trails markers: the Lake Hopatcong Trail (white blazes) the Highlands Trail (teal blazes), and the Mountain Inlet Loop trail (yellow blazes), which is less than a mile loop that was just recently blazed by LHF Trails Chairman Cliff Lundin and the Hopatcong Environmental Commission. Along this section, the three trails overlap before splintering off. To stay on course, always look for the white LHT trail blazes.

It’s about a half-mile walk on the LHT spur to the main trail, which ends at a ‘T’ intersection. To the left, the trail heads toward Bear Pond. To the right, the trail heads into Jefferson Township and makes a connection to the James Leach Trail, which leads to Lake Hopatcong’s Lify Island via the newly built footbridge.

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