Best of 2020 – Lake Hopatcong Fights Back Against HABs

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While the year of 2020 can be remembered for many things, this is the year that organizations banded together against Harmful Algae Blooms (HABs) on Lake Hopatcong.

This is the first in a series of articles where we point out positive events that happened around Lake Hopatcong, ending with our announcement of “Lake Hopatcong Person of the Year.”

Carrying forward the learning lessons of 2019 as Lake Hopatcong suffered some of the most intense restrictions on the lake due to HABs. The following organizations banded together to provide multiple treatments within the lake, to help prevent this in the future.

Organizations Involved:

  • Lake Hopatcong Commission
  • Princeton Hydro
  • Lake Hopatcong Foundation
  • Mayor’s of the Four Towns
  • Borough of Hopatcong
  • EverBlue Lake Systems

Together, along with assistance from federal and state legislators, the following is a brief recap of what occurred this year:

Hard Work Pays Off - Lake Hopatcong awarded $500,000 - To Battle HABs

Over the last six-months the Lake Hopatcong Commission, Foundation, Mayer's and Princeton Hydro and others have been working on projects to battle the HABs on Lake Hopatcong. The hard work has paid-off with news today that the N.J. Department of Environmental Protection has awarded the full monies requested for the projects.

Earth Day Celebration – What is being done for Lake Hopatcong?

As our current attention is pulled away for many different reasons, it is important to remember today is Earth Day, the day we celebrate the ball of rock and water that provides our very existence within the universe.

Lake Hopatcong Benefits - NJ DEP makes BIG CHANGES to Harmful Algae Bloom Levels & Public Guidance

(20/P023) TRENTON – The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection today announced that it has developed a color-coded health alert index to provide the public with strong and clear guidance on suitable recreational activities in freshwater lakes and other water bodies impacted by harmful algal blooms, also known as HABs. The DEP is committed to working with local officials to implement the index as soon as possible.

The Largest Application Of "Phoslock" In The Northeast Occurring This Week On Lake Hopatcong To Mitigate Harmful Algal Blooms

LAKE HOPATCONG, NEW JERSEY – To prevent harmful algal blooms (HABs) in New Jersey’s largest lake, a clay-based nutrient inactivating technology called Phoslock, is being applied in Lake Hopatcong this week. This is the largest Phoslock treatment to occur in the Northeastern U.S.

Further HAB Work on Lake Hopatcong – Four Locations Get Biochar – Designed to Prevent HABs

Over the last week Princeton Hydro and the Lake Hopatcong Commission installed the newest Biochar installations that absorbs variety of pollutants including phosphorus as they try to enter the lake.

Lake Hopatcong Commission – Important Updates on HAB Levels and Projects

During the Lake Hopatcong Commission on July 13, 2020, Princeton Hydro’s update in multiple areas was provided by Fred S. Lubnow, Ph. D Director of Aquatic Programs.

Hopatcong Crescent Cove – Testing Proves Major Improvements using Aeration for HAB Reduction

Lake Hopatcong has undergone multiple pilot projects over the summer of 2020 to help reduce HABs as funded partially by the NJDEP Grant Programs, as pledged by Gov. Murphy after the Visit to Lake Hopatcong in 2019 at the height of the HAB outbreak on the lake.

Lake Hopatcong Commission [12/07/2020] – New Harvesting Vendor in 2021 & More

The following provides the recap of the December 7, 2020, meeting of the Lake Hopatcong Commission (LHC) that was held by Zoom. We encourage our readers to watch the full video for details.

The year of 2019 and 2020 will continue to enhance Lake Hopatcong as we support these organizations that assisted us in 2020.



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