REMINDER - Only Two more Days to Nominate your favorite local Non-Profit to earn Hundreds of Dollars – With no cost to you!

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For the last three years, Hopatcong Lake Regional News has run two fundraisers each Year to Benefit a local Non-Profit. This time we want our readers to make the selection of the Nonprofit.

So, e-mail your nominations to

NonProdit In1The winning Nonprofit will be announced May 1, 2019 for the fundraiser that will start June 1, 2019. The best part of the fundraiser is that our sponsors foot the bill! Out readers don’t have to pay a dime.


  • The organization must be a Charity or Non-Profit
  • They must be recognized as 501(c)
  • They must support our area (Hopatcong, Jefferson, Mount Arlington, Roxbury)

That’s it…

Act Now

Act now to help your favorite Charity / Non-Profit earn hundreds of dollars, with no cost to our readers. Send your nomination to Now!

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