Senator Robert Menendez to Give the Keynote Address to Progressive Grassroots Group

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Senator Menendez will be the keynote speaker that the Inaugural Gala presented by Action Together New Jersey (ATNJ), the state’s largest progressive grassroots organization.

“I am honored and humbled that Action Together New Jersey asked me to keynote this year’s gala,” Sen. Menendez said. “After a 2016 election that shook many New Jerseyans to their core, Winn Khuong refused to sit on the sidelines, instead mobilizing, educating and encouraging over 18,000 activists around our state to stand up, speak out, and lead our state in advocacy. 

Grassroots organizations, like ATNJ, play an important role in moving our democracy forward by getting folks civically and politically engaged on the critical issues that impact our lives, our families and our neighbors—and to vote. I applaud the success of ATNJ and look forward to celebrating next month!”

The Inaugural Gala will be held at The Manor in West Orange, Sunday, June 10, at 5 p.m.  The elegant event will give ATNJ leaders, activists, supporters, elected officials, and their guests an opportunity to gather for an evening of gourmet food, networking, socializing, and celebration of the accomplishments of the past year, and to raise critical funds to support the group’s work heading into the upcoming midterm elections and beyond.

“As a group comprised of 100% volunteers, we have worked to increase engagement, action, knowledge, and civic duty towards progressive legislation, policies, candidates, and elected officials.  Senator Menendez and his staffers have been very open to engaging in dialogue with our grassroots activists, as recently as last month when he participated in a livestream Facebook Q&A with our members.  We have also engaged in policy discussions in his district office and these actions speak to the Senator’s values in promoting civic engagement. We appreciate Senator Menendez’s willingness, again, to engage with our group of everyday New Jerseyans who are relatively new to civic engagement”  said Uyen “Winn” Khuong, executive director of ATNJ.

With 18,000+ statewide members and 20 county chapters, the mission of Action Together New Jersey is to provide political and civic education, actions, and events to New Jerseyans.  Limited tickets are still available and sponsorships can be found here:

About Action Together New Jersey

ATNJ, a non-profit, progressive group, is the largest grassroots organization in New Jersey with local county chapters covering every county. Functioning as a central command for statewide initiatives and legislative actions, ATNJ’s teams work with coalitions of like-minded groups to serve the public by educating the electorate, providing a platform for progressive candidates, advancing legislative proposals with elected officials, and working in concert with advocacy groups for human rights. ATNJ seeks to promote equality and progressive ideals and to secure a more inclusive, fair and equitable future for New Jersey and the nation. For more information, visit

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