Dickson & Schlaffer Condemn Political Stunt as "Waste of the People's Money"

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Newton, NJ - 4/8/2018 - Newton Town Council candidates Matt Dickson and Jason Schlaffer condemned rival candidate Ludmilla Mecaj’s plan to hold a special election to determine if future Municipal Elections would be held in November as “a waste of the people’s Money.”

On Saturday, Dr. Mecaj announced she would be circulating a petition under the Faulkner Act to force the council to vote yes or no on whether to move future elections. Once the petition is submitted, the council will be required to vote it up or down. If the Council votes yes, then the petition will become law. However, in the event of an almost-certain no vote (only two incumbents have signaled their support for the measure), the town would be obligated to pay for a special referendum vote during the summer.

Dickson and Schlaffer, who announced their support for moving the elections to November on March 20th, the first candidates to do so, expressed their appreciation that Dr.Mecaj supports their plan, but criticized her petition drive as a “political stunt.”

“I’m thrilled Dr. Mecaj is on our side on this issue, but when the incumbents on the council vote no, then Newton Taxpayers will be on the hook for an expensive referendum vote this summer.” said Schlaffer. “Dr. Mecaj should exercise some patience,” said Dickson, “as long as three candidates who support our plan get elected this May 8th, we will have the majority on the council, and can pass this measure without any cost to the taxpayers.”

The full text of the Faulkner act, which governs voter initiatives in Newton, can be found here . The section regarding petitions is on page 44.Matt Dickson and Jason Schlaffer are running as a ticket for Newton Town Council. A record-setting seven candidates are competing for three seats. Newton’s Non-Partisan Election will be held on May 8th, 2018.

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