The Alibi Beach Bar

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So, our wandering wheels took us a little off Lake Hopatcong, but only right around the corner to Lake Lackawanna and The Alibi Beach Bar and Grill. Sitting pretty on the shores of Lake Lackawanna, you’ll be treated to outdoor table seating with umbrellas on the deck, bar style seating around the perimeter of the deck, tent seating on the lawn or even comfy Adirondack chairs on a real sand beach. 

The Alibi Beach Bar Outside Seating

The two of us were led by the hostess to a comfy umbrella table for four and boy, was that extra room much needed for the feast to come. We had a difficult time trying to decide what to order from their diverse menu. Thankfully, our waitress was amazing and seemed to enjoy going over the menu with us, giving not just her recommendations but what other patrons and employees enjoy. The Firecracker Calamari is cornmeal battered fried calamari topped with cherry peppers, chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, scallions and a balsamic glaze. While a little nervous about the heat that might come with those cherry peppers, we dug in! It was amazing! The cherry peppers were hot but sweet, the tomatoes and cucumbers added the perfect amount of freshness and the balsamic glaze tied everything together without making the crispy cornmeal coating soggy. The Mini Chicken Empanadas had a light flakey dough stuffed with incredibly flavorful, herb filled pulled chicken. The light siracha ranch dipping sauce that they’re served with was a perfect pairing. 

Chicken empanadas
Firecracker Calamari
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Next came the entrees. Once again, our waitress was spot on with her recommendations. The 23/20 Burger topped with Taylor Ham, American cheese, bacon and at the insistence of our server, a sunny side up egg. WOW! Just WOW! Personally, I will be going back to order just this, so I won’t have to share with my “partner in food crimes” again.  The Pork Belly Tacos with fried avocado, cheddar cheese, lettuce and Alibi’s special Vinny Sauce were just as you would imagine. Delicious fried pork belly with avocado slices that have been treated to that marvelous cornmeal coating. I don’t know what’s in the Vinny Sauce, but I wouldn’t mind a shot glass or two of it next time! Our only suggestion would be adding some roasted corn or Pico de Gallo to balance all the richness of the fried ingredients inside the soft flour tortilla. We also had to try the Cauliflower pizza. Now, I don’t want any of the pizza purists to get upset. WE LOVE PIZZA. But, we are trying to be fair and sample a wide variety of the yummy offerings at each restaurant we review. That being said…..GET THE PIZZA!! One of us doesn’t even like cauliflower and it was excellent!!! The bite and chew of the crust was spot on. The tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella dressed that cauliflower crust beautifully. The bits of prosciutto and baby arugula topped with a little balsamic glaze made it the perfect bite.  As if that wasn’t enough food, did you really expect us to go without trying at least one dessert offering? We agreed upon the Crispy Nutella Pillows. I mean, how can you go wrong with warm Nutella on fried dough with fresh strawberries? You can’t! Unless you’ve already eaten your weight in entrees and appetizers. But we powered through so that we could bring you this complete review.  This is a sacrifice we’re willing to make for our readers. 

23-20 Burger
Pork Belly Tacos
Cauliflower Pizza (close up)
Cauliflower Pizza
Crispy Nutella
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So now as we sit back…way back, and digest our experience mentally and physically, we can honestly say that Alibi’s should be on everyone’s “go to” list for a fantastic meal.  From the beautiful setting, to the outstanding food, to the impeccable service from the bus staff, the servers and what we assume was a manager, all working seamlessly together to take care of every table’s wants and needs. What a wonderful evening to remember. 

If you would like to reach out to us with suggestions of local restaurants or small family shops in the Lake Hopatcong area that you think we should visit, please reach out to us at our email listed below.  We hope you’ve enjoyed our time together and we’ll write again soon.


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The Alibi Beach Bar

Address: 172 Lackawanna Dr, Stanhope, NJ 07874
Hours:Open ⋅ Closes 10PM
Phone: (973) 426-0120


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