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How to Post your Classifed Ad

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Posting your Classified Ad

To help promote our overall community, Hopatcong Lake Regional News provides Classified Ads free of charge to our residents. If you’d like to post a classified ad send Editor@MyLakeNews.com the following information and we’ll make sure your ad is posted for our over 14,000 readers in the Hopatcong Region (Hopatcong, Jefferson Township, Mount Arlington and Roxbury).

Requirements for Listing:

  • Classified Ad must pertain to the Hopatcong, Jefferson Township, Mount Arlington and Roxbury areas.

  • The Classified Ad must meet our standards of being family friendly as determined by the editorial staff at Hopatcong Lake Regional News. (i.e. No X-Rated Videos Sales etc.)

What we need:

  • Short Title of the Ad

  • Start / End Date for the Ad

  • Brief Overview (One to Two Paragraphs)

  • Contact Information (Phone or E-Mail)

  • Picture (if needed)

E-Mail to: Editor@MyLakeNews.com

That’s it… We’ll create your Classified Ad for you within 24 hours, and send you an e-mail of the listing for your final review.